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Burglar takes valuables from home in Fayetteville
June 03, 2024

Where To Store Valuables In Your Fayetteville Home

Would you like to determine a better place to hide your spare cash and expensive jewelry? Most times, having convenient access to money and some other things like your preferred diamond earrings is beneficial, but you know you shouldn’t leave them out in the open. See where to store valuables in your Fayetteville home and how you may keep burglars out of your house in the first place with a leading home security system.

Clever Places For Your Valuables

Steer clear of the obvious and employ some creativity when stashing your valuable effects in your home. While a heavy-duty safe is always smart, you will often want swift, easier access to your loose cash and belongings. Here are a few ideas.

  • Hiding in plain sight. Hollowed-out books in a home office, empty coffee containers on the pantry shelf, and faux cleaning products under the bathroom sink all make for effective, unforeseen spots for belongings. Just ensure what you utilize doesn’t look suspect, like a single book on a bookcase shelf.
  • Boxes with unremarkable labels mixed in with others. What are the odds a thief is going to dig through a bunch of boxes in your garage with labels like “School Projects,” “Xmas Supplies,” or “Old Clothes.” After all, they want to exit your property as swiftly as possible. You might even place them in your kid’s bedroom closet, which intruders are more likely to avoid.
  • Dressers with false-bottom drawers. You can get them prefabricated or build one yourself. It’s a simple way to introduce an extra bit of concealed space.

A weighty, bolted-down floor safe is a great possibility if you have valuables you don’t need to access swiftly or on a regular basis. Thieves may think to check it, but they aren’t likely to take much time in an effort to remove or open it, particularly if they detect a home security alarm blaring.

What Are Some Areas To Stay Away From?

Don’t make life easy for intruders. Ensure your belongings aren’t in plain view, and avoid storing them in these common spots:

  • Standard sites like your jewelry box, desk drawer, nightstand, and underwear drawer.
  • DVD and CD cases. No matter your proclivities in movies and music, these items are a breeze to snatch, and will likely be taken.
  • Cookie jar. If you have a tendency to stash cash in this common location, select a less familiar spot. It takes a criminal only a second or two to snare it.
  • Locked filing cabinet. Let’s face the facts: file cabinet locks are easily defeated with the proper tools. You’re smarter to keep your critical records in a more secure area.
  • Poorly secured wall safe. Many wall safes can be easily removed by going through drywall and transported away to be unlatched later. Make sure it’s securely bolted, or choose a heavier floor safe.

Deter Burglars With A New Home Security System In Fayetteville

Why not keep intruders out of your Fayetteville home in the first place with a modern home security system? If prowlers are surveying a neighborhood and detect surveillance cameras, a video doorbell, and home security displays by the door, they’ll in all likelihood move on to an easier target. If they do make an effort to break in, your access point sensors and motion-detection equipment will trip your alarm, notifying you and your 24-hour monitoring agents.

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